GC® Palm Acid Oil (PAO)

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GC® Palm Acid Oil (PAO)

Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) floats at the top of the POME ponds is a waste water/sludge arising at a palm oil mill during the palm oil production process.

This waste water is released to a system of ponds (POME ponds) to remove solids, oil and grease into aerobic ponds before discharging the water into waterways.

The small oil portion contained in the waste water (POME oil) settles on top of the POME pond and can be extracted (skimmed off) and used as feedstock for biofuel production.

POME Oil has not been used in any significant volumes in the past due to the economic viability of the high cost of extraction and logistics and further processing. Historically, POME Oil has been used in the Soap industry

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